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Jazz Presentation

Creating Jazz Presentations For Business

PowerPoint Photo Album

Create a Photo Album using Powerpoint

Posted by Chris On July 26, 2010 1 COMMENT

Tweet In this Tutorial I will explain step by step on how to create a Power Point Photo Album using Microsoft Power Point 2007.  You would have taken many many Photos on different occasions using your Digital Camera.  During olden days once we take photos we spend time and take digital prints and organize them  [ Read More ]

Autorun Powerpoint Presentation

Creating Autorun Presentation for Kiosk

Posted by Chris On July 21, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet There may be times when you want your powerpoint presentation to be run unattended. The needs can be one of the following or much more When you would like your presentation to auto run in a  Kiosk  or When you would like to add sound, video and run it in a touch screen Kiosk  [ Read More ]

Fishbone diagram Powerpoint Presentation

5 Steps to build a Fishbone Diagram

Posted by Chris On July 11, 2010 8 COMMENTS

Tweet The Fishbone Diagram has many names like “Problem Analysis Tool”, “Cause effect identification tool” and “Root cause Analysis Tool”. What is a Fishbone diagram? Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, a Japanese quality control statistician, invented the Fishbone Diagram. The Fishbone Diagram is an analysis tool that provides a systematic way of looking at effects and the  [ Read More ]

Virtual Audience Presentation

Tweet As the Technology is changing day by day the Concept of Business meeting has become virtual. The Business meetings are Held through Conference calls, Web conference and Video Conference.  This method saves on Travel cost, Hotel cost and lots and Lots of time.  The Most economical method in my experience is Web conference.

Tips to build presentation to influence and ensure control in teams

Tweet It is not easy to identify who has influence and who has Control in a Project.  This presentation content can be used by senior managers or project managers to identify the capability of teams. This method is normally used to identify issues, challenges, intra-group conflicts among Teams in a Project.

Social Network of People

Tweet You have a presentation to create. It’s important. But, formatting diagrams can take forever and the text on your slides seems to have a mind of its own. Then, there’s the sad fact that everybody’s Microsoft PowerPoint presentation looks the same. In this article you’ll find some very useful Presentation Tips that will help  [ Read More ]


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