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Jazz Presentation

Creating Jazz Presentations For Business


File Name Extension in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Posted by Chris On December 31, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet In this article we will take a look at the different File name extension with  which PowerPoint documents can be created. There are 26 different formats in which the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 files can be saved and created. The  Microsoft Office 2007 system introduced a new file format based on XML called Open XML  [ Read More ]

Write a Macro - Tutorial

Tweet In this tutorial we will teach you on how to Write a Macro to enable and disable image objects (show and hide) in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 by writing few lines of macro code using Visual basic editor.  We have also created a few slides and a small example in PowerPoint to illustrate this tutorial.  [ Read More ]

Write a Macro

Tweet   In this Tutorial we will teach you on how to Write a Macro in PowerPoint Presentation, A Macro in a PowerPoint can help you to  automate frequently done tasks and do wonders.   A macro is a few line program which allows you to automate tasks and add functionality.  In this tutorial we  [ Read More ]

New Year - New Year PowerPoint Template

8 Best New Year PowerPoint Template Sites

Posted by Chris On December 5, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet Using New Year PowerPoint Template to create and send New Year Greeting can be a very easy method. New Year is a festival celebrated by almost everybody around the globe. With the evolution of internet you can use  New Year PowerPoint Template to send a New Year greeting or to create a New Year  [ Read More ]


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