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Learning To Count Numbers from 1 to 10

Posted by allen On April 14, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Tweet Learning to Count numbers is one of the very important activity for the child in early ages.  In this tutorial we will be covering learning theory on numbers.  We have created a learning kit to teach counting of numbers. We have used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a learning kit on “counting Numbers”.  Our creative artists  [ Read More ]

Creative Learning

Tweet  Technology integration is a key mechanism for augmenting classroom instruction while helping students to learn or Teach Place Holder for Number in Maths and communication skills for the digital age. In this tutorial we teach about Place Holders for Numbers in maths using Microsoft PowerPoint. Parents have the wonderful opportunity and responsibility for nurturing  [ Read More ]

Teach to identify Small and Big Numbers

A preschool child best learns numbers by hearing them used in a variety of contexts. In this Presentation we will help the Child to Identify Small and Big Numbers using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007


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