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Jazz Presentation

Creating Jazz Presentations For Business

About Us

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Our Vision is to

  • “e-enable” our customers to create high impact professional presentations inexpensively and quickly.
  • To help and enable people from the industry to build creative and eye catching Business Presentations.
  • Help managers of any industry deliver the most powerful, effective Business and Technical presentation solutions leveraging PowerPoint.

Our Senior Management team consists of 3 Member.

Chief Executive Officer

Christabella is the head of the Organization. She manages the routine Operation of our company.  She holds the leadership role for the company and also takes the ownership of motivating and mentoring the members of the Team. She has many years of experience managing Finance and Small projects.

Honorary Director and Advisor

Joe has been in Manufacturing, Information Technology (IT) and IT training Industry for 30 Years working for Multinational Organizations and Managing Global Operations across many Countries. With so many years of experience in IT training Industry, “Creating and enabling People” has been is his Passion.

He is passionate about many things some of them are listed below

  • “Loves creating something new, something no one has ever seen or even imagined before.”
  • “Enjoys working with an elite team or elite list of products. Enjoys working among brilliant team of people.
  • “Loves drawing, welding, building something creative.”
  • “Loves achieving Numbers.”
  • “Really gets excited when the team discovers or creates something new.
  • “Loves to help someone get better at something and get happier in the process.”
  • “Loves managing others. What a kick it is to motivate and guide a team to do great things.”
  • “Passionate in turning it around-taking something that is broken and fixing it.”

Creative Administrator

Snehan is the youngest member of the team, with lots and lots of creative ideas and concepts on the web. Has Good experience in web site management, Debugging, Flash and Java.  He manages our web site in all respects.

Contact Us

Please feel free to get in touch by filling the form available in the Contact Us Page.

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