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Add Flash in PowerPoint

Posted by Chris On September 9, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Flash has become an integral part of the internet nowadays. Be it mobile phones or online applications almost anything that we use are flash compatible. The advantage of flash is that it is extremely light and can be easily published on the internet in minutes. In this tutorial you will be learning how to import a flash .swf file and play it from your Presentation slide using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Before we begin you would have to install Standalone flash player on your computer to play .swf files. You can download it from here.

Step 1: Open a New PowerPoint Presentation

Click the Microsoft Office icon and select New. This would create a blank powerpoint file for us to work with. Alternately you can open an existing presentation and select the slide where you want to insert the flash object.

Step 2: Goto PowerPoint Options

Click on the Microsoft office icon and select Powerpoint Options from the List to open the powerpoint option window.

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Step 3: Activate the Developer Tab in the Ribbon

In the PowerPoint Option Window click the Popular option from the left navigation to open the most popular option in PowerPoint. Under Top Option for working with PowerPoint select the Show Developer Tab in Ribbon checkbox and click the OK button. This would add the Developer Tab to the menu bar.

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Step 4: Add the Shockwave Flash Object to the slide

Click on the Developer tab to view the list of options available and from the Controls Group click on More Controls to open the More Controls Window.

Add Flash in PowerPoint

In the More Controls Window, select the Shockwave Flash Object from the list of available controls and click OK to select it. After selecting the control, draw it on the Slide. Resize the control to the desired height and width by dragging the sizing handles.

Add Flash in PowerPoint

Step 5: Set the path of the flash file in the Control

Right click on the Flash Control and select properties to open the Properties window for the control. In the Properties window, for the Movie setting, add the location of the .swf file by entering the full drive path including the file name (example C:\testFile.swf)

Add Flash in PowerPoint

Save the Presentation and click on view Slideshow to run the flash file from the PowerPoint Slide.

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