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Jazz Presentation

Creating Jazz Presentations For Business

Practice for written Tests

Tweet In this tutorial I will explain how to make an effective and a killer presentation by adding Multiple Choice quiz questions and answers in business presentation using Animation option in Microsoft Power point 2007. You can view my previous article on How to Create Animated Quiz. This method will also add interactivity during the  [ Read More ]

Animate Quiz in PowerPoint

How to Add Animated Quiz in PowerPoint

Posted by Chris On November 20, 2010 3 COMMENTS

Tweet In my earlier article we had discussed

Learn to Add Quiz in PowerPoint

Learn to add Quiz in PowerPoint

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Tweet With total industry experience of more than 26 years and being in senior management position with a multinational company for almost 10 years, one of my passions is to add value to each of the presentations that I do during a senior management meeting. These days some of the meetings are face to face  [ Read More ]

Top 10

Top 10 PPT to Flash Converters

Posted by Chris On October 22, 2010 3 COMMENTS

Tweet We all use PowerPoint presentations very widely. But how often do we share it online?? We can easily achieve this by converting our PPT to Flash. But how do we do that? In this article I have put a collection of the top 10 PPT to Flash Converters. So, now you can go ahead  [ Read More ]

Increase Website Traffic

Tweet This Article is the last part in the

Increast traffic to your website

Tweet This Article is a continuation from Fishbone Diagram Case Study – How to Increase Website Traffic – Part 1. In which we had discussed what a Fishbone diagram is, the need for a Fishbone diagram and what are the first steps to be done in order to draw the bone of the fish. We  [ Read More ]

Fishbone Diagram Case Study

Tweet In this article I will explain in detail on how to draw a Fishbone diagram using a Case study. The Case Study is on “How to Increase website traffic?” I Have also created a 15 slide presentation for you using Microsoft office 2007, which you can use it as a template to solve different  [ Read More ]

Critical Path Method

You may have come across situations at your home or in your work environment to manage projects whose difficulty would have varied from simple to very complex. Each project may have many constraints, in this article we’ll be looking into how to effectively manage projects using the Critical Path Method

PowerPoint Photo Album

Create a Photo Album using Powerpoint

Posted by Chris On July 26, 2010 1 COMMENT

Tweet In this Tutorial I will explain step by step on how to create a Power Point Photo Album using Microsoft Power Point 2007.  You would have taken many many Photos on different occasions using your Digital Camera.  During olden days once we take photos we spend time and take digital prints and organize them  [ Read More ]

Autorun Powerpoint Presentation

Creating Autorun Presentation for Kiosk

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Tweet There may be times when you want your powerpoint presentation to be run unattended. The needs can be one of the following or much more When you would like your presentation to auto run in a  Kiosk  or When you would like to add sound, video and run it in a touch screen Kiosk  [ Read More ]


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