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Create a Photo Album using Powerpoint

Posted by Chris On July 26, 2010 1 COMMENT

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In this Tutorial I will explain step by step on how to create a Power Point Photo Album using Microsoft Power Point 2007.  You would have taken many many Photos on different occasions using your Digital Camera.  During olden days once we take photos we spend time and take digital prints and organize them in an album. But in the digital era the photo’s stay and die in your camera itself. Here are few tips and methods to create a beautiful Photo Album and upload the same to web site, so that your loved ones who are near and far in the globe can see and admire the occasions you had captured in your digital camera.

Step 1: Download all the photos to your computer

Ensure you create a folder in your personal computer and download all the images/photos on to a folder.  You will  require to  install  the software which came along with your camera (in the form of CD)  to your computer,   In few camera we have Blue tooth option to transfer the images from camera to your computer or use the data cable which came along the camera when you purchased.

Step 2: Organize and arrange the Photos

It is important we arrange and organize the photos based on the occasion during which the Photos were captured.  My suggestion is to create different album for different occasions.

Also another very important point is – we tend to take many junk pictures using digital camera, you must to do some cleaning and housekeeping before you go to next step.

  • Same situation many duplicate images – delete the duplicates
  • Some of the taken in a hurry will have red spots – decide on what to keep and what to delete.
  • Some of the Photo will be blur or shaken during the click – delete them.

Step 3: Reduce the photo file size

Normally each image you take using your digital camera are of very large file size ( 3MB to 5MB),  I have located a good tool called pixel resizer to reduce the size of the image and resize the image without affecting the quality of  photos. Click here to Download Pixel Resizer.  In this photo album the initial size of my collection of 40 photos was  approx 90 MB,  After resizing the Photos the size reduced to approx 4MB for the collection of 40 Photos.  It is very important you resize the photos otherwise your photo album will be very heavy and will take long time to upload  when you want to put them on to the net (facebook) or send it through email to your friends and relatives.

Step 4: Get Started with Power Point.

Once you have organized the photos, next step is to get started with Microsoft power point.  Start the Microsoft power point and click on New.  In Microsoft power point 2007 you will have has many templates to get started.

Select New Slide Show

Step 5: Select Photo Album

When you click on New, you will have many different templates to choose from, Select more option and then select photo albums.

Select the Type of Album

Step 6 Select the Template

Microsoft Power point (2007) provides few different kinds of templates and lay outs for creating a photo album.  Some of the categories are Classic Photo album, Family photo album, winter holiday photo album and so on.  You can choose any one of them to suit the category for which you are planning to create the album and click on the “download” button at the bottom right corner. You need to be online on the internet, using your broadband or dialup line.  Based on the connectivity speed it will take few minutes to download and Open the template in Microsoft power point 2007.

Select the template for your powerpoint album

Step 7: Understand Different layout format

In the illustration below I have selected the Wedding Party template. Under the layout tab you can also see there are 9 different layout formats available. Based on the size and number of photos you would like add in each page “select the layout”.

Choose the layout of your presentation album

Step 8:  Adding photos to your photo album

Next, At the page layout click on the insert picture from file icon and select the Picture from your folder follow the same steps and add more pictures to the page.

Add Photos to your Album

Step 9 : Add Captions

It is important you add meaningful captions to every image you have added to different page in your album in the screen shot below I have shown few caption. It is also good to add the date, which will help you to remember.

Sample Powerpoint Album

Step 10: Upload to Internet

Once your album is ready, You might want to make it auto run. Save the presentation file with a meaningful name to a folder. Great work, your photo album is ready for distribution.

  • You can upload your album to face book or twitter for your friends and loved ones to see.
  • You can zip the album and send it using email.
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