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This Article is a continuation from Fishbone Diagram Case Study – How to Increase Website Traffic – Part 1. In which we had discussed what a Fishbone diagram is, the need for a Fishbone diagram and what are the first steps to be done in order to draw the bone of the fish. We had also discussed how to categorize the bone and had drawn five bones for our case study. In this article I’ll be discussing in detail about how to identify the sub categories by drilling down to all the related causes for each of the bones of the fish with respect to our case study of increasing traffic for your website.

Step 3:  Brainstorm and Identify Sub categories for each bone

You can see that this is not enough detail to identify the specific root causes. There are usually many contributors to a problem, so an effective Fishbone diagram will have many potential causes listed in categories and sub-categories. The detailed sub-categories can be generated from many sources. Few are listed below:

  • Brainstorming by group/team members based on prior experiences.
  • Data collected from different source.
  • Data collected by Google search.

Step 3a: Bones of “how to build quality content”

Fishbone Diagram Case Study

a) Build your own Content for your Niche

Once you identify your niche, it is very important you build your own content. The theme can be simply about the product or activities the site is expected to demonstrate.

b) Create free downloadable tutorials

Always free content attracts traffic, ensure you create good quality articles on the theme of the website. The articles can be tutorials with “how to do”.
Example:  If your site is expected to sell Photoshop web templates, then write a tutorial on how to create Photoshop templates.

c) Build Content based on keyword

The key words get indexed by Google and other search engines. Try and Build Content based on keyword.
Example: if your site is to attract freelance workers on Oracle products, then write content on different products of Oracle for example, Oracle 10G database, Oracle Siebel etc. The keyword like Oracle and Oracle products will get indexed.

d) Write free downloadable articles

Articles are different from “how to” tutorials.  Articles can be info about products, or simple question answers, or even about frequently asked questions.
Example: If you are building a site with presentation as theme, then create a presentation about SWOT analysis.

e) Outsource development of content

Content for a website is like “King” for a country. Writing content is not going to be easy. Define the specification or framework and outsource content development. There are experts who can build content for you even at $5 per content.

f) Write Review comparing Products on the theme

Writing review about the theme of related products can be another way of writing good content. You can also write about the different affiliate products you are planning to partner with.

Step 3b: Bones of “Advertise”

Fishbone Diagram Case Study

Any web site you are trying to build must be advertised. The Internet has millions and millions of web site, unless you tell about your web site, how people will know such a good website exists? Let us go into detail of each bone of advertise and understand how to advertise for your web site.

a) Capture Visitor Email Id

As you keep building quality content, traffic will start to increase for your website, in search of content. Most of these visitors are just surfing for free content, and may not be serious visitors. But there will be few who are interested in your content and would like to come back to your site. We need to include an opt-in form to capture their contact details. For this I would recommend you use PopUp Domination. This is an excellent software that helps you create attractive opt-in forms that will help you capture visitor details as soon as they visit your website.

b) Use RSS Feeds to publicize your article

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works, such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. A RSS document (which is called a “feed”, or “web feed”, or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and author details. Web feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically. Google provide Feed Burner, I have used this mechanisms to publish all my posts.

c) Pay per Click Advertising

This can be expensive; all three majors provide Pay per click methods.

  • Google – Google Adwords,
  • Microsoft –  Microsoft Adcenter, and
  • Yahoo – Yahoo Search Marketing.

d) Register and become part of Social Network

Become Part of a Social Media Community. Some of the best online communities for business include Facebook (www.facebook.com), LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com), and Twitter (www.twitter.com). In addition, you may want to participate in a social bookmarking community in which members share with each other information about websites, articles, or news items that they like. These include Digg (www.digg.com), Delicious (www.delicious.com), StumbleUpon (www.stumbleupon.com), and Google Bookmarks (www.google.com/bookmarks/).

e) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a good tool to advertise and generate traffic. When the site is new you can become an affiliate and sell other good products in the same niche. As the traffic to the website improves and you have your own good products you can create affiliates to sell your products.

f) Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an excellent tool to do marketing and keep your subscribers updated about whats happening in your website. Create good email templates and target segment of your niche and do marketing. For your email marketing I recommend you use Aweber. Aweber is an excellent software to manage and automate your email marketing campaigns.

Step 3c: Bones of   “Search Engine Registration”

Fishbone Diagram CaseStudy

Registering in search engines is a very important activity and must be done at very early stage as you start adding content to the web site. Let us understand the bones of Search engine registration.

a) Register in major search engine

These search engines has Robots/Spiders/Crawler which will crawl into your web site and index your content and web pages. Some of the major robots are

  • Yahoo Slurp: Yahoo Slurp is a web crawler from Yahoo! that obtains content for the Yahoo! Search engine. Slurp is based on search technology Yahoo
  • Googlebot: Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine.
  • MSNBot: MSNbot is a web-crawling robot (type of internet bot), deployed by Microsoft to supply Bing. It collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the MSN Search engine
  • Ask:  Ask is a search engine founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California
  • Alexa : Alexa has an interesting difference from all other search engines is Alexa’s toolbar; it doesn’t just allow searches, it also supplies web site statistics, and list of related web sites.

b) Register in Internet Web Directories

A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. It is a search tool created by editors or trained researchers who categorize or classify Web sites by subject. A web Directory is a web site (usually about a certain topic) that contains links to other websites or resources. Unlike search engines, web directory listings are reviewed and added by human editors. It is important you register your web site to the directories of your subject.

c) Remove Broken Link

The major search engines and web directories send their robot and spiders to search and index your keywords and content. In this process if they locate any broken links these search engines rate your web site ranking very low. It is very important that your web site should not have any broken links.

d) Register in Attracta, from Cpanel

The top webhosting companies provide a dashboard called Cpanel. The Cpanel has a few free search engine registration tool. As the traffic starts improving register in Attracta which is part of your Cpanel.

e) Create Sitemap for the website

As you build content to your website the navigation in your website can become difficult and complex. Hence it is essential you build site map to your website and add it to the menu. Also search engines refer to the sitemap of you website to crawl and index the content and pages.

f) Register your content in tutorial site

There are many tutorial sites on the web. It is essential you register and publish your tutorial in relevant tutorial sites of same subjects.
Example: if you are putting up a website on software certification exam, the tutorial you write on related subject like oracle database, can also be published in oracle tutorial sites.

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