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This Article is the last part in the previous article I had discussed about 3 bones or causes that might affect your websites traffic. In this article i would discuss the remaining 2 causes in detail. You can download this full article in PDF format

Step 3d: Bones of “Track and Monitor Site Traffic”

As the time passes by it is extremely critical you track and monitor the type of traffic you are getting to your web site. The reasons can be many

  • What type of traffic is going to be consistent in the future?
  • What kind of advertisement and marketing activity is working?
  • Where to focus your revenue model?

Let us study each bone of “Track and monitor site traffic”

Fishbone Diagram Case Study

a) Use cPanel to Track

Most of the web hosting company provides dashboard or Control panel to monitor the traffic. It is very important you use proper web hosting company to provide space for your web site. I suggest you use HostGator. It provides an excellent service and excellent tools. The dashboard provides different kind of statistics to track your websites traffic. Use this coupon code to get a $10 discount at Hostgator only for JazzPresentation Readers. JAZZPRES10

b) Use Google Analytics

Google provides excellent tool called “Google Analytics” to monitor your web site traffic. Once it is configured for your website, the tool provides different kinds of graphical analysis.

c) Track Site ranking Google & Alexa

As the traffic increases it is essential you reach high ranking in Google and in alexa.  Both Google and alexa follows different mechanism to rank the site. You can monitor the Google site ranking thru Google tool bar or the alexa ranking thru alexa tool bar. Higher the rank, your site will appear in first few pages of search.

d) Configure and Track Adsense

Install and configure Google Adsense. It is a powerful tool provided by Google. Adsense allows others to use your website for advertising their content. It can be a marginal revenue generating tool for your site. Monitoring Adsense channels can also be very effective to identify the type traffic you are getting for your website.

e) Track Free Download

As you add free downloads to your website, it is essential you monitor the number of downloads of free content. There are many download counters available on the internet to track your free downloads. Either you develop or use a readymade download counters available in the net. Tracking the downloads will help you to monitor the type of traffic to your website.

Step 3e: Bones of “Build Back links“

Building “Backlinks” is an very important activity. Based on number of Backlinks your site has the search engines rank your site higher. There are many important activities you will have to perform to generate backlinks.

Let us study each bone of “Building backlinks”

Fishbone Diagram Case Study

a) Leave Signature and Comments in Social network

We have already discussed about the importance of registering in social networks.  To generate backlinks it is very important to leave comments and your website address in your signature. Social network can be an ocean, hence you must ensure you work only on your subject, otherwise it can create spam.

b) Create list

Creating Top list in related products can be a very good way of generating backlinks. Here are few examples:

  • If you are selling Web templates – Create a list of top ten websites which are selling web template
  • If you selling or affiliate for web hosting service then create a list of top ten web hosting service companies.

c) Create Content in you tube

YouTube is one of the most popular sites and in addition to all the fun there, YouTube offers many opportunities for promotion and getting traffic to your site. It is a very good way of creating backlinks.

d) Link Trading

Link trading is the task of getting links to your site on other sites by trading links. This is done to get more traffic to you web site. Link trading creates more traffic in two main ways, increased search engine rankings and also from the traffic the links themselves generate from people clicking on them.

e) Create How to Guides

In most of the cases I have a problem, I do not know how to solve it, and I do a Google search. This means what people are looking for is “How to guides”. Most of the surfers love how to guides. If your how to guides are good sites will start creating backlinks to your site.

f) Write about product trends

Another important content people surf for is latest trends and new features about products. Again if your content is good and talks about new trends good websites will start creating backlinks to your site.

Step 4 Summary – 5 identified Root Cause

  • Quality content
  • Advertise your web site
  • Track and monitor website
  • Ensure search engine traffic
  • Build backlinks

Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation that I have created for you which you can use as a template. Let me know what you think.

Fishbone Diagram Case Study – Increase Website Traffic

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Have great time solving your business challenges using the Fishbone diagram.

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