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How to Add Comments

In this tutorial I will explain on how to add comment while preparing a business presentation. Normally it takes time to build a good presentation. During the process of building a business  presentation different ideas and different concepts will fly thru your mind.  It will be a good practice to add Comments in the slides at that time.  Adding Comments will help you to retract and  recollect your thought process. It is something very simple but very useful.


We will discuss step by step on how to add comment in this tutorial while working in Microsoft Power Point 2007.

Step 1: Power point templates, graphics and icons

For building any good presentation in Microsoft Power Point you should ensure you have 3 basic components:

  • Excellent Power Point Templates ,
  • Good Graphics and
  • Creative  Icons, Buttons, Images

I have done some research in the web and have identified that Presentation Pro Site has excellent templates, graphics and icons for a reasonable price.  For discount pls use discount Code: jazz97338

Step 2: Identify and select correct menu – For adding Comments

While editing or creating (Normal format) your slide deck(in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007), select the review  option from the menu and click on New comment option in the sub menu as shown in the image below. As you move the cursor on the New Comment button the color of the button will change to dark yellow.


Step 3: Add Comment

Click on the area where you want to add the comment.

A small rectangle bubble opens up, where you can add comments.  Also the name of the person who has adding the comments along with date stamp appears.

Step 3: Comment Tool bar

The Comments Tool bar also opens up as you select the New Comments button. This tool bar has the following buttons.

The Tool Bar Items – For Adding Comments

Show Markup – Opening and closing the comments and the tool bar.

New Comments – for adding new Comments.

Edit Comments -  For editing and updating existing comments

Delete– For deleting an existing comment

Previous – For Moving from One comment to the next comment. Comments can be in same slide of in different slide.

Next – For Moving from One comment to the next comment. Comments can be in same slide of in different slide.

Step 4: Opening and Closing of the Comment in the slide

Once you have added the comment and move on for adding new comments in different slides,   the existing comment closes to a small icon with your signature only visible.  If you want to open again for editing you need to double click on the comment .

Step 5: Summary

This way you can add new Comments while building presentation which will help you to remember points which you may add latter. Also this can be a very helpful tool when you are doing a business presentation and some one wants a change or addition to the information in the slide.
If you are planning to build good presentation excellent templates, icons and graphics are available for download from here for reasonable price

Have a Great time building Killer Presentation for business meetings by adding “Comments”in your PowerPoint.

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