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In this tutorial I will explain how to make an effective and a killer presentation by adding Match the following quiz questions and answers in business presentation using Animation option in Microsoft Power point 2007.

This method will also add interactivity during the presentation which will enable participation of attendees in the meeting, more so in a virtual presentation. If you can make the audience participate, definitely the message you are trying convey will be accepted by the audience.

Create a Match the Following Quiz based Presentation using Animation Option in Microsoft Power Point 2007.

Step 1: Power point templates, graphics and icons

For any presentations you should ensure you have 3 basic components

  • Excellent Power Point Templates ,
  • Good Graphics and
  • Creative  Icons, Buttons, Images

I have done some research in the web and have identified that Presentation Pro Site has excellent templates, graphics and icons for a reasonable price.  For discount use Discount Code: JAZZ97338

I have created a sample Match the Following quiz based business presentation using animation in Microsoft Power Point 2007 for you, which you can download from here.

Step 2: Adding Match the Following Business Question

Step 2.1: Setting the Question

For our example I have taken a business related question

Who hold which Sales territory for Next Financial Year?

You will get the answer as the arrows match the territory against the name of the sales person. The image shows us the screen shot from the slide with this question and possible answers.

In next few steps I will explain how to use animation to get the answer.

Add Match the Following Questions in PowerPoint

Step 2.2: Adding Animation to the Match the Following Answers

We will be connecting the sales person name and their accounts with arrows, using the animation. We need to ensure all five names are connected with their respective territories.  If you have gone through my Part I and Part II of the tutorial you will have good knowledge on how to set the animation settings. Against each of the arrows setup following animation.

  1. Select the Animation menu.
  2. Select the Custom Animation Option which will open the custom animation window on the right hand side.
  3. In Custom animation window select Add Effects.
  4. Select option Entrance, and then select More Effects in the sub menu.
  5. In Add Entrance Effects menu select Fly in (I have selected Fly in and related effects but you can select any of the animations available based on your need). This fly in effect will make the joining arrow to fly in from the bottom with particular speed. (Details are discussed in next step).
  6. Repeat the above steps for all the five arrows.

Add Match the Following Questions in PowerPoint

Step 2.3: Setting values to animation for all five arrows

We will have to set three values to the animation we have created so far.

  • How the animation will start? (On Click or With Previous or After Previous Animation).
  • Direction – From which direction the arrows will appear.
  • Speed of Animation. (Slow, fast, medium)

For our example (see image below)

  • Select the Text Box which is being animated – Example Picture 27
  • Set start as after Previous,
  • Direction  as From Bottom
  • The speed as Very Slow.

Add Match the Following Questions in PowerPoint

Once all the 5 arrows fly in you would have matched the sales person against their territory.

For your trial I have created all these steps in a set of few slides which are also available for free download. Also excellent templates, icons and graphics are available for download from here for reasonable price. You can also check out our article on the Top 10 Websites to download Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates where you will find the best websites to download PowerPoint Templates absolutely free.

This way we can create Killer Presentation for business meetings. Using the Match the following question answer

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