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How to Reuse Slides in PowerPoint

Posted by Chris On August 28, 2010 1 COMMENT

We often work with different PowerPoint files and each one has a different theme or Template. There may be times when we would want to use a particular slide or background of one Presentation in another. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the theme of one PowerPoint slide in a different presentation or use the slide itself in a different presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Step 1: Open a new Slide

Click the home icon and select New. This would create a blank PowerPoint file for us to work with. Alternately you can open an existing presentation to change the existing background.

Step 2: Open the Reuse Slide Window

From the Slides pane, Click on New Slide dropdown to view the list of options available and select Reuse Slides.

steps to <em>Reuse</em> a slide” width=”344″ height=”516″ /></a></p>
<p><span style=This would open a Reuse Slides window with a browse button to select a different PowerPoint file from which we will be reusing the slide.

Step 3: Open the existing file from which you want to reuse a slide or background

steps to reuse the slides

Clicking on the Browse button will give us two options:

  1. Browse Slide Library: This option allows you to select files from the Slide Library where you have saved slides earlier.
  2. Browse File: This option allows you to open an already existing PowerPoint file from which you can select the slide that you want to insert into the current presentation.

Click on Browse file to open the Browse window and select the Presentation file that you want to insert in the current presentation. After selecting the file clicking on the open button would populate the Reuse Slide window with the slides from the existing presentation.

Steps to reuse a Slide in Powerpoint

Step 5: Click on a slide to insert it to you new presentation.

Once the Reuse Slide window is populated, just clicking on any one of the slides from the list would copy the contents to the selected slide in your current presentation. To copy all the slides from the existing presentation file, right-click on any one of the slides and from the drop down menu select Insert All Slides.

Note: Clicking on the slides from the list would copy only the contents from the old file. To copy the themes and the background, right-click on any slide from the list and select Apply themes to Selected Slide this would apply the theme to all the selected slides in the current presentation. To apply the theme to all Slides in the presentation, select Apply Themes to All Slides.

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