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Creating Jazz Presentations For Business

Valentines day Templates

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world on 14th of February each year. Its history dates back to the middle ages, when the tradition of Courtly Love flourished. Valentines Day is not complete without huge bouquet of flowers, greeting cards, balloons and most important of all the little cupid. For this Valentines day we at  [ Read More ]

Cancer Awarness Templates

World Cancer Day is marked on February 4 to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. It is led by the Union for International Cancer Control, a global consortium of more than 470 cancer-fighting organizations in over 120 countries. World Cancer Day targets the public through global communications, and encourages  [ Read More ]

Happy Birthday Powerpoint Templates

PowerPoint presentations are a common thing nowadays at birthday parties, whether it is for your kids, parents or company Anniversaries. Birthdays are a time of celebration and fun but sadly most of us still use some very plain and boring PowerPoint templates. We at JazzPresentation know it’s a very special day for your loved ones.  [ Read More ]

Learning Spelling of English Words

Learning spelling by proper methods is very important in elementary school education.  In this tutorial we will be using an innovative method of teaching the spelling of fruits using Microsoft PowerPoint as teaching aid. The challenge that most kids face while learning spelling of English words is that most of these words contradicts with local  [ Read More ]


File Name Extension in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Posted by Chris On December 31, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

In this article we will take a look at the different File name extension with  which PowerPoint documents can be created. There are 26 different formats in which the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 files can be saved and created. The  Microsoft Office 2007 system introduced a new file format based on XML called Open XML Formats  [ Read More ]

Write a Macro - Tutorial

In this tutorial we will teach you on how to Write a Macro to enable and disable image objects (show and hide) in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 by writing few lines of macro code using Visual basic editor.  We have also created a few slides and a small example in PowerPoint to illustrate this tutorial. We  [ Read More ]

Write a Macro

  In this Tutorial we will teach you on how to Write a Macro in PowerPoint Presentation, A Macro in a PowerPoint can help you to  automate frequently done tasks and do wonders.   A macro is a few line program which allows you to automate tasks and add functionality.  In this tutorial we will  [ Read More ]

New Year - New Year PowerPoint Template

8 Best New Year PowerPoint Template Sites

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Using New Year PowerPoint Template to create and send New Year Greeting can be a very easy method. New Year is a festival celebrated by almost everybody around the globe. With the evolution of internet you can use  New Year PowerPoint Template to send a New Year greeting or to create a New Year resolution  [ Read More ]

Christmas PowerPoint Templates

Top 10 Christmas PowerPoint Template Sites

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Here is a great collection of Christmas PowerPoint Templates Sites.  Christmas is a festival celebrated by many people around the world. With the evolution of internet many send greetings thru e mail, facebook, twitter etc.  One of the mostly used tool to create a Christmas greeting is Microsoft PowerPoint. We have searched the internet for  [ Read More ]

Top 10 PowerPoint template Sites

Top 10 Premium PowerPoint Template Sites

Posted by Chris On November 19, 2011 8 COMMENTS

  PowerPoint Templates are available for every person and every business. PowerPoint is a very versatile program used all over the world in boardrooms, classrooms, community centers, and even homes. But despite its many useful features, the built-in PowerPoint 2007 themes leave something to be desired. With predictable color schemes and ho-hum graphics, they’re just  [ Read More ]


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