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Product Review of PresentationPro Products

Posted by Chris On January 24, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

In this article we will analyze and review few of the Presentation Products by PresentationPro. PresentationPro is a company which has been in the market creating Presentations and Presentation products for over 18 years.  They have many Presentation products for different needs to create a Killer Presentation. The categories are

PresentationPro has the following Products in the Design & Create category

PresentationPro Products ReviewPowerTEMPLATES

PresentationPro has a collection of over 10,000 PowerPoint Templates that add a professional look to any PowerPoint Presentation by embedding a custom designed Title and Text slide into the PowerPoint Master.

Every Template Includes: A brilliant title slide designs to grab your audience. A subtle text slide design to blend with your message.  A muted print slide design for charts and graphs and easy printing.

Also available as Macintosh machines.

Price: $99, Free monthly updates for 1 year, One Click express Apply Tool, PowerPoint Add-in, Sample Templates are available for free download

PresentationPro Products ReviewPowerGRAPHICS

Differentiate Your Message with the inspiring 3D graphics.  PowerGRAPHICS by PresentationPro will work with any document background or theme and will blow your audience away.  Use these graphics in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Publisher for a consistent message in all your documents.

Also these 3D Graphics designed with transparency, shading and reflections to blow your audience away.

Also available as Macintosh machines.

Price:  $49, Free monthly updates for 1 year, One Click express Apply Tool, PowerPoint Add-in, Sample Templates are available for free download

PresentationPro Products Review PowerICONS

PresentationPro has a collection of over 1500 quality image icons.  Add stunning photo based icons to your PowerPoint presentations for a more professional look.  Royalty free, re-sizable and easy to use. Includes our 1-Click Apply tool plus free monthly icon updates for 1 year.

Using Image based PowerICONS emphasize your key point and create a connection with the audience in any document.  Use these icons in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Publisher for a consistent message in all your documents.

Price: $79, Free monthly updates for 1 year, One Click express Apply Tool, PowerPoint Add-in, Sample Templates are available for free download

Also available as Macintosh machines.

PresentationPro Products Review PowerSLIDES

With these collections of precreated animated PowerPoint slides, all you have to do if fill in the blanks with your own content.  We’ve done all the work for you! It’s that easy!

It has never been faster or easier to create awesome PowerPoint slides.

Select Any PowerSLIDES from 1,000s of hand crafted pre-built animated slides from the PresentationPro website. Search by category or use our convenient keyword search to find the perfect PowerSLIDES for your presentation.

Add Your Own Text Using the preformatted placeholders to fill in the blanks with your own text. Simply type over the existing sample text with your text and bullet points.

They Works With ANY Template. Keep the existing background or apply any new template or design theme. PowerSLIDES layout and color scheme will automatically be updated to match the new background template.

Price: $99, free monthly updates for 1 year, Download free templates also.

Also available as Macintosh machines.

PresentationPro Products Review PowerQUOTES

Powerful Visuals and Inspiring Words combine to create these 20 Stunning Animated Motivational Slides.

Copy the entire motivational slide and paste it into your presentation on the dramatic black background to be used as a title slide or a section slide.

Select the icon and quote, copy and paste them onto your template of choice, maintaining consistency and all set animations.

Select only the icon, then copy and paste onto any slide in your presentation and scale as desired.

Price: $29, free monthly updates for 1 year, click here for more info.

PresentationPro Products Review MotionTemplates

PresentationPro allows you to add Sophisticated animations and TV-quality movement to your PowerPoint presentations.

These abstract animations work with any presentation and bring your content to life. Motion Templates work completely within PowerPoint as a standard template and incorporate video like never before. Instant download means you can get started today and transform your typical presentation into a visual work of art that will WOW your audience!

100 different Slide Layouts, static and animated Variations of each slide with light and dark Variations

Price : $79, click here to see more info on motion templates

PresentationPro Products Review PPT Quiz Maker

Add quizzes to your PowerPoint presentations with ease. Simply fill out question and choose correct/incorrect answers and you’re done

Simply fill out the information (question text, choices, correct/incorrect response text), click insert question and a fully functional PowerPoint Quiz Question will be inserted into your existing PowerPoint presentation. It’s that easy.

  • Maintain question bank for repeated insertion of questions into multiple presentations.
  • No coding required, everything is done for you.
  • Complete control over slide fonts, sizes and effects.
  • No VBA or Macros are necessary.
  • You control the number of questions and all of the answers and navigation.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze.
  • Fully Compatible with PowerCONVERTER. Create Flash quizzes for your website.
  • Click here for more info and go to the demo page..

Price: $39.95, Includes single computer license.

PresentationPro Products Review Rich Chart Builder

Rich Chart Builder transforms data charts into enjoyable and captivating communication.  Data charts don’t have to be plain and austere; they can be interactive experiences with attractive visuals, animation and even voice explanations describing the important facts behind the numbers.

PresentationPro provides sophisticated 3D and shaded chart styles. Publish to PowerPoint Impress your audience with compelling charts published to PowerPoint presentations. Rich Chart Builder does the work for you by placing the chart directly on a PowerPoint slide. Some of the key functions are:

  • Export as Image or PDF
  • Flash Rich Media
  • Templates and Layouts
  • Simple Data Import – Works with Microsoft Office easily import data from Excel.
  • Build Interactivity
  • Communication – contain an audio narration
  • Unicode Support
  • Compatible with PowerCONVERTER

Replace charts created by PowerPoint’s limited chart capabilities with elegant, attention-grabbing rich media charts by PresentationPro that bring your data to life.

Price: $199, click here to see chart samples

PresentationPro Products Review Video Clips

If you have wanted to add video to Microsoft PowerPoint but thought it was too expensive and time consuming, PresentationPro has the solution.

Click here to see on how it works

Price: $49, Browse through our Video Library to the right, purchase and download immediately.

PresentationPro Products Review DemoCreator

Record your screen and narrations to make software tutorials, demos and online instructional videos for web sharing, e-learning and technical support

DemoCreator is your ideal choice to create Flash-based software simulations, online tutorials and Web based product demonstrations by capturing a series of editable screen shots.

It is easy enough for beginners but has powerful functionality that any professional will admire. With the power of DemoCreator, you can quickly improve your productivity and efficiency of communicating and informing.

DemoCreator is screen recording software to make software tutorials, demos and online instructional videos for web sharing and technical support by desktop capturing and recording

  • Easy-to-use yet powerful screen recorder:
  • Powerful Recording functions
  • Video Editing.
  • An illustration object makes your demo clear to audience.
  • Flexible Sharing.

Price: $99.95, Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2010 Compatible. Click here to view the demo creator screen shots.

PresentationPro Products Review Perspector

Stand out and impress your audience with eye-catching 3D lists and graphics Some of the Features and Benefits:

  • Add 3D graphics to your presentations.
  • Turn bullet lists into exciting animated images.
  • Edit your images without leaving PowerPoint.
  • Share & give your presentations as usual.
  • Save your presentation files as usual.

Perspector also Includes

  • Prebuilt 3D Lists for quick inserting and converting.
  • Prebuilt 3D Graphics Library of shapes, diagrams and charts.
  • Powerful tools to build your own 3D graphics within PowerPoint.
  • Create rotating shapes and graphics within PowerPoint.
  • Change lighting, perspective, focus and color on any image.

If you need to bring more creativity to your presentations and lift them above the ordinary, Perspector may be the add-in you need! Perspector adds amazing 3D capabilities to basic PowerPoint shapes and lists and enables you to create exciting and compelling presentations way beyond those that can be made with PowerPoint itself.

Price: $149, click here to go to the demo page. To see the demo scroll down

PresentationPro Products Review Opazity

Powerful visual effects for Microsoft PowerPoint. See what you’ve been missing. Some of the Opazity uses and benefits are

Use the power of curiosity to catch, hold and maintain an audiences attention. Take a PowerPoint shape and capture an image of the content behind it. The image can then be blurred, hinting at something to be revealed or to focus your audiences attention.

  • Highlight important points
  • Blur out background in a picture
  • Make foregrounds stand out
  • Reveal backgrounds
  • Blur quiz answers
  • Blur unwanted text

Click here to view a demo

Price: $29.95, Browse through our Video Library to the right, purchase and download immediately

Special Discount on all PresentationPro Products

For building any presentations you should ensure you have 3 basic components

  • Excellent Power Point Templates ,
  • Good Graphics and
  • Creative  Icons, Buttons, Images

We have done some research in the web and have identified that Presentation Pro Site has excellent templates, graphics and icons for a reasonable price.  For discount please use Discount Code: JAZZ97338

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