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Additions with Fingers

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Count Fingers And Add00
Count Fingers And Add00

Humans learned to count on their hands.  Even though we use many sophisticated methods to teach counting,  the one-by-one finger counting is the oldest and even taught today in preschool education.  Finger Counting, or Dactylonomy, is the art of counting along one’s fingers or Using your fingers to count numbers or object.

There is no escaping the fact that children learn to count by counting fingers on one’s hand.  Some do that longer than others but all do.

The manner of finger counting differs from culture to culture. In some places, they start with the thumb, in others with a little finger.   Sometimes, the fingers are getting folded, and sometimes they are straightened up. However it is done, finger counting is an important activity that has a scientific name of  dactylonomy.

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Count Fingers And Add

Finger counting can also serve as a form of manual communication,  particularly in marketplace trading.

Finger counting varies between cultures and over time, and is studied by ethnomathematics.  Cultural differences in counting are sometimes used as a shibboleth, particularly to distinguish nationalities in war time.

Before the arrival of Arabic numerals in morden socities, many different systems flourished in many cultures. Count Fingers And Add

English-speaking countries

The count to 5 starts with the extension of the index finger (number 1) and continues to the little finger (number 4). The extension of the thumb indicates five. The process is repeated on the other hand for numbers up to 10. For example, the number 7 is indicated by an open palm with all five digits extended on one hand, the extension of the index and middle finger on the other.


For Western speakers, such as Germans or the French, the thumb represents the first digit to be counted (number 1). The index finger is number 2 through to the little finger as number 5. Fingers are generally extended while counting, beginning at the thumb and finishing at the little finger. For example a Western European would use their thumb, and index, middle and ring fingers to express the number 4.

Hope you enjoyed the math activity for Kids. Enjoy teach kids with this learning Kit.

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