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Count And Match

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Count And Match00
Count And Match

In the early age of  understanding and learning for kids should be simple , easy and full of fun.  Every child learns to count objects by using fingers in their own hands. We have created a very innovative counting worksheet using the same principle (learning to count with fingers)

In this simple math activity for kids we have combined all our experience and have created this learning kit for teaching and learning how to match and count Objects.

We have also incorporated a the principal of   “Count and match”  with Correct set of numbers.  Jazz Presentation graphics team have made the learning full of fun by including animation, sound effects and graphics.

You can Click  here to Download This Presentation ( sample learning kit) .  The full version consisting of 5 exercise you can buy for $2 (USD) by clicking on the add to cart button below.

The natural numbers had their origins in the words used to count things, beginning with the number 1. In mathematics, the natural numbers are the ordinary whole numbers used for counting


“There are 6 coins on the table”

“There are 5 fingers in your hand”

“There  are 4 apples on the plate” and so on.

Understanding Numbers by Count And Match method

 Also Natural Numbers are used for ordering.


“This is the 3rd largest city in the country”.

“That Building is the 2nd largest building in the city” and so on.

Understanding Numbers by Count And Match method

 Learning to count numbers can be made easy by referring to real life examples. This Learning Kit can be a fun game for kids.

We have also provided following excellent  Learning  Kit to learn and teach Counting of numbers  for Kids from Amazon. Click on the image/link to visit for more details:

Enjoy using this fun activities for kids to teach counting of numbers at school and home. This can be an excellent fun game for kids 

Price: $2.00

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