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Draw Lines For The Numbers

Posted by allen On May 31, 2012 Comments Off
Draw The Lines For The Numbers00
Draw The Lines For The Numbers

Different culture teach learning numbers in different ways. one of the method of  learning to count is by drawing lines against each number and counting them.

Counting rods (lines) were used by ancient Chinese for more than two thousand years.

Counting rods ( lines)are small bars, typically 3–14 cm long, used by mathematicians for calculation in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. They are placed either horizontally or vertically to represent any number.

In 1973, archeologists unearthed a number of wood scripts from a Han dynasty tomb in Hubei, which had details of counting using lines( rods), this is one of the earliest examples of using counting rod numeral in writing.

Draw The Lines For The Numbers

In this tutorial we have combined all our experience and have created this learning kit for teaching how to count numbers using lines.   Jazz Presentation graphics team have made the learning full of fun by including animation, sound effects and graphics.Draw The Lines For The Numbers

You can download the sample learning kit  from  the link here.Click here to Download Learning to Count By drawing Lines   The full version consisting of 1o  exercise you can buy for $2 (USD) by clicking on the add to cart  button below.

We have also provided following excellent  Learning  Kit to learn and teach Counting of numbers  for Kids from Amazon. Click on the link to visit for more details:

American Educational LM1012-D Number Street Classroom Number Line

Learning Resources Step-by-Step Number Line

Learning Resources Magnetic Number Line 1-100 (LER5194)

Learning Resources 0-20 Number Line Flip Chart (LER2975)

American Educational LM1012-C Card Calendar Days Number Line (36 Piece Set)

Hope you enjoyed the math activity for Kids. Enjoy teach kids with this learning Kit.

Price: $2.00

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