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Join Together – Addition

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If they join together00
If they join together

In this Learning Kit we will discuss and teach addition using English sentence ” If we Join together” .  If we Join together two different collection of objects from two different container into a third container, what is the total number of  objects in the third set.

You can download the sample learning kit  from  the link here.Addition of Numbers - Joining collection in the set (597)   The full version consisting of 13  exercise you can buy for $2 (USD) by clicking on the add to cart  button below

In this tutorial we have combined all our experience and have created this learning kit for teaching how to add 2 numbers  by joining the contents in the set.   Jazz Presentation graphics team have made the learning full of fun by including animation, sound effects and graphics.

What is the meaning of adding  two natural numbers?

Suppose you have two baskets,

one bag holding five oranges and a

second basket having three oranges.

You take a third, empty basket, and

move all the oranges from the first and second basket into the third basket.

The third basket now holds eight oranges.

Adiition of Numbers By Joining

This example  illustrates the combination of three oranges and five Oranges is eight oranges; or more generally:

“three plus five is eight” or “three plus five equals eight” or “eight is the sum of three and five”.

Numbers are abstract, and the addition of a group of three things to a group of five things will yield a group of eight things.

Addition is a regrouping: two sets of objects which were counted separately are put into a single group and counted together: the count of the new group is the “sum” of the separate counts of the two original groups.

This operation of combining is only one of several possible meanings that the mathematical operation of addition can have. Other meanings for addition include:

comparing – “Joe has 5 apples. Nancy has 3 more apples than Joe. How many apples does Nancy have?”,

joining  –  “Joe has 5 apples. Nancy gives him 3 more apples. How many apples does Joe have now ?”,

measuring  –  “Joe’ s desk is 3 feet wide. Namcy’s is also 3 feet wide. How wide will their desks be put together?”,

and even sometimes separating (“Joe had some apples. He gave 3 to Nancy. Now he has 5. How many did he start with?”

Adiition of Numbers By Joining

Symbolically, addition is represented by the “plus sign”: +.

So the statement “three plus five equals eight” can be written symbolically as 3 + 5 = 8.

The order in which two numbers are added does not matter, so 3 + 5 = 5 + 3 = 8. This is the commutative property of addition.

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Hope you enjoyed the math activity for Kids. Enjoy teach kids with this learning Kit.

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