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Subtract and Write

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Subtract and Write00
Subtract and Write

In arithmetic, subtraction is one of the four basic binary operations; it is the inverse of addition, meaning that if we start with any number and add any number and then subtract the same number we added, we return to the number we started with.  Subtraction is denoted by a minus sign in infix notation, in contrast to the use of the plus sign for addition.

We have created subtraction worksheet kind of activity using Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can download the sample learning kit  from  the link here.Learn to Subtract (609)   The full version consisting of 10  exercise you can buy for $2 (USD) by clicking on the add to cart  button below

In this tutorial we have combined all our experience and have created this learning kit for teaching how to subtract  2 numbers  in a set or Collection.   Jazz Presentation graphics team have made the learning full of fun by including animation, sound effects and graphics. We have made adding and  subtracting of integers full of fun and easy to learn.

Subtraction is used to model four related processes:

  1. From a given collection, take away (subtract) a given number of objects. For example, 5 apples minus 2 apples leaves 3 apples.
  2. From a given measurement, take away a quantity measured in the same units. If I weigh 200 pounds, and lose 10 pounds, then my weight is  200 – 10 = 190 pounds.
  3. Compare two like quantities to find the difference between them. For example, the difference between $800 and $600 is $800 ? $600 = $200. Also known as comparative subtraction.
  4. To find the distance between two locations at a fixed distance from starting point. For example if, on a given highway, you see a mileage marker that says 150 miles and later see a mileage marker that says 160 miles, you have traveled 160 ? 150 = 10 miles.

Understanding and learning to Subtract and Write

In mathematics, it is often useful to view or even define subtraction as a kind of addition, the addition of the additive inverse. We can view 7 ? 3 = 4 as the sum of two terms: 7 and -3. This perspective allows us to apply to subtraction all of the familiar rules and nomenclature of addition.

Subtraction is not associative or commutative—in fact, it is anticommutative and left-associative—but addition of signed numbers is both.

Understanding and learning to Subtract and Write

The teaching of subtraction in schools

Methods used to teach subtraction to elementary school varies from country to country, and within a country, different methods are in fashion at different times. In the U.S., called traditional mathematics, a specific process is taught to students at the end of the 1st year or during the 2nd year for use with multi-digit whole numbers, and is extended in either the fourth or fifth grade to include decimal representations of fractional numbers.

Some American schools currently teach a method of subtraction using borrowing and a system of markings called crutches. Although a method of borrowing had been known and published in textbooks prior, apparently the crutches are the invention of William A. Brownell who used them in a study in November 1937. This system caught on rapidly, displacing the other methods of subtraction in use in America at that time.

Some European schools employ a method of subtraction called the Austrian method, also known as the additions method. There is no borrowing in this method. There are also crutches (markings to aid memory), which vary by country.

We have also provided following excellent  Learning  Kit to learn and teach Subtraction of numbers  for Kids from Amazon. Click on the image/link to visit Amazon.com for more details:

Arithmetricks: 50 Easy Ways to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Without a Calculator

American Educational SR-1536 Vinyl Clever Catch Toss N’ Talk Add Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Ball, 24″ Diameter

Soufeel Add Subtract Multiply Divide Sign Photo European Beads Fits All Pandora/troll/chamilia

24 Game Add/Subtract Primer

Add & Subtract Home Workbook Gr 1

Add & Subtract Home Workbook Gr 2

Hope you enjoyed the math activity for Kids. Enjoy teaching Subtraction of integer to  kids with this learning Kit.

Price: $2.00

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