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Subtraction -Learning Kit

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Take away and write00
Take away and write

There are several methods to accomplish adding or subtraction of natural numbers. The method which is in United States of America referred to as Traditional mathematics taught elementary school students to subtract using methods suitable for hand calculation. The particular method used varies from country from country, and within a country, different methods are in fashion at different times

Subtraction is the mathematical operation which describes a reduced quantity. The result of this operation is the difference between two numbers. As with addition, subtraction can have a number of interpretations, such as:

  • separating (“Joe has 8 apples. He gives away 3 apples. How many does he have left?”)
  • comparing (“Joe has 8 apples. Nancy has 3 fewer apples than Joe. How many does Nancy have?”)
  • combining (“Joe has 8 apples. Three of the apples are green and the rest are red. How many are red?”)
  • and sometimes joining (“Joe had some apples. Nancy gave him 3 more apples, so now he has 8 apples. How many did he start with?”).

You can download the sample learning kit  from  the link here.Learning Kit for Subtraction (554)    The full version consisting of 8 exercise you can buy for $2 (USD) by clicking on the add to cart  button below.

In this tutorial we have combined all our experience and have created this learning kit for teaching how to subtract  2 numbers  in a set or Collection, using the principal of take away.   Jazz Presentation graphics team have made the learning full of fun by including animation, sound effects and graphics.

Learn Subtraction - Take away and write

Subtraction (?)

Subtraction is the opposite of addition. Subtraction finds the difference between two numbers, the minuend minus the subtrahend. If the minuend is larger than the subtrahend, the difference is positive; if the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend, the difference is negative; if they are equal, the difference is zero.

Subtraction is neither commutative nor associative. For that reason, it is often helpful to look at subtraction as addition of the minuend and the opposite of the subtrahend, that is a ? b = a + (?b). When written as a sum, all the properties of addition hold.

Learn Subtraction - Take away and write

Algorithms for subtraction

There are various algorithms for subtraction, and they differ in their suitability for various applications. A number of methods are adapted to hand calculation; for example, when making change, no actual subtraction is performed, but rather the change-maker counts forward.

For machine calculation, the method of complements is preferred, whereby the subtraction is replaced by an addition in a modular arithmetic.

We have also provided following excellent  Learning  Kit to learn and teach Counting of numbers  for Kids from Amazon. Click on the image/link to visit for more details:

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Hope you enjoyed the math activity for Kids on Subtraction. Enjoy teaching kids with this Subtraction learning Kit.

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