Saturday, November 18, 2017

Jazz Presentation

Creating Jazz Presentations For Business

Increase Website Traffic

Tweet This Article is the last part in the

Fishbone Diagram Case Study

Tweet In this article I will explain in detail on how to draw a Fishbone diagram using a Case study. The Case Study is on “How to Increase website traffic?” I Have also created a 15 slide presentation for you using Microsoft office 2007, which you can use it as a template to solve different  [ Read More ]

Critical Path Method

You may have come across situations at your home or in your work environment to manage projects whose difficulty would have varied from simple to very complex. Each project may have many constraints, in this article we’ll be looking into how to effectively manage projects using the Critical Path Method

Tips to build presentation to influence and ensure control in teams

Tweet It is not easy to identify who has influence and who has Control in a Project.  This presentation content can be used by senior managers or project managers to identify the capability of teams. This method is normally used to identify issues, challenges, intra-group conflicts among Teams in a Project.


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