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Learning spelling by proper methods is very important in elementary school education.  In this tutorial we will be using an innovative method of teaching the spelling of fruits using Microsoft PowerPoint as teaching aid. The challenge that most kids face while learning spelling of English words is that most of these words contradicts with local mother tongue. (Spoken and written). Since traditional language teaching methods emphasize written language over spoken language, we have also adopted a similar method while teaching using this tutorial. You can download Sample Presentation to Learn Spelling of Fruits (950).

Teach Spelling to Kids

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In this document we have covered following topics for  learning spelling

  • Types of spelling assessments
  • How to prepare for a spelling test.
  • Tips to learn the spelling

Learning Spelling – Type of Spelling Assessments

While learning spelling going thru different type of assessment is a good way to learn spelling.  A spelling test is an assessment of a person’s (usually a student’s) ability to spell words correctly.  Spelling tests are usually given in school during language arts class, to see how well each student has learned the most recent spelling lesson.

Spelling tests are a commonly used assessment in education that is usually used to assess a student’s mastery over the words in the spelling lessons the student has received so far. They can also be an effective practice method. There are many free spelling tests on websites on the Internet.
There are generally four types of spelling tests.

1.    Oral Spelling Test

 In an oral spelling test, the teacher pronounces each word out loud and the students write each word down.

2.    Spelling bee type Test

In a spelling bee-type test, each student is asked individually one-at-a-time to spell a (different) specific word out loud.  One very difficult kind of spelling test is the spelling bee test a competition where contestants, usually children, are asked to spell English words. The practice originated in the United States and has since spread to elsewhere in the English-speaking world, especially North America.
Every year in the United States, there is a national spelling bee involving most primary and secondary schools in the country; in addition to being awarded a scholarship, the winners in each age group get to meet the President of the United States.

3.    Proof reading-style test

In a proofreading-style test, sentences or paragraphs are given to the student on one or more sheets of paper, and the student must find the incorrectly spelled words and supply the correct spellings in the spaces provided.

4.    Multiple choice spelling test

In a multiple choice spelling test, two or more spellings are given for each word in the test, and the student must place a mark next to the one that is correct. The main difference between most spelling tests at school and a spelling bee is that in a spelling bee the students do not get to know in advance which words will be tested, but for regular spelling tests they do.

5.    JazzPresentation Method

In our method of learning spelling we display images (In our example we display different fruits for learning spelling)  in Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck.  The kid can see the image and try to identify the spelling of the fruit. If the child gets stuck we have provided a hint button (Next Button) using which the child gets help on the next letter of the fruit.  Also we have provided a button go back and repeat. the activity. Click here to Download This Presentation

Learning Spelling fruits

Learning Spelling – Preparing for a Spelling Test

1.    Learning Spelling using Repetition method

In this method, the student typically writes out each word in the current spelling lesson a set number of times each, for example, 50 to 100 times.

2.    Learning Spelling by Making mnemonics sound

One of the most effective ways to memorize spellings is to make up mnemonics to help remember them. A mnemonic is a memory trick which associates the thing that is to be remembered with something else to make it easier.  For spelling, it can be the exaggerated pronunciation of a word, like indepenDENT. Or it might be a silly sentence or visual image to help remember the word, like “the independents all dented their cars with sledgehammers”. Or it might describe a key aspect of a word to help remember it,

Tips for  learning  spelling

Here are few tips which you can use to teach or learn spelling for kids.

  • While Learning Spelling don’t be afraid to use the dictionary. English words come from many different languages. The oldest English words were from either Anglo (Northern German), Saxon (Southern German), Norman or Bordeaux French settlers of England.  Many other words are from Latin or Greek root words. A good dictionary can tell you where the word is from, and when you begin learning spelling of these words you will begin to recognize patterns.
  • Also use the dictionary to check the spellings of compound words. There is really no way to know whether to write “stomachache,” “stomach-ache,” or “stomach ache” unless you consult a dictionary when you are Learning Spelling.
  • Take the letters in the word and write a sentence with each of them, this is the best way of Learning Spelling of Words.  For example, you could learn to spell “arithmetic” with the sentence “A rat in the house might eat the ice cream.”
  • Proof reading  your work is another best way of Learning Spelling.  We all get busy at some point during writing, which makes it easy to toss in a sound alike word such as reef or wreath; and you can carry on that mistake unaware that a mistake has been made…until later and it jumps out at you…then you are like, “Wow, I wrote that?”
  • Reading books and newspapers, catalogues, billboard signs, posters in windows all aid in Learning Spelling.  If you find a word that is not familiar, write it down, even if all you have is a paper napkin.  When you go home, look up the word or words in the dictionary. The more you reference, the more you read, the better you will be at spelling.

Hope you enjoyed this article on Learning Spelling of English words using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

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