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In this Presentation we will help the Child to Identify Small and Big Numbers.  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is one of the best Presentation Tools in the market today. We have used the animation options available in Microsoft PowerPoint to teach Small and Big Numbers.

You will find out the resource we have provided will be very useful for teaching children to learn Small and Big Numbers.

A preschool child best learns numbers by hearing them used in a variety of contexts. It is easy to count plates when setting the table, number your socks aloud when folding laundry, or use number games with your toddler during play times. Count your child’s toes, and then help them count your toes.  Here  we have followed a reasoning method to teach numbers.

 Click here to Download Teaching Small and Big Numbers. This is a Sample 4 exercise presentation. You can buy the complete teaching kit for $3.00 by clicking the Add to cart button below.

Intro to Small and Big Numbers

Challenging kids to find a way to arrange a 2 digit number is not easy. The tutorial provides an excellent opportunity to integrate the development of number sense and place value with combination theory to identify which are Small and Big Number.  The method we have followed is by selecting 3 random numbers and ask the student to find out which is big and which is small. Each time we have used a set of 3 numbers.  A screen shot from the kit is as below.

Teach to Identify Small and Big Numbers

Students respond well to the physical aspect of identifying which is a small number and which is a big number in the set. Having the students repeat the task back at their desk with a similar format helps to reinforce the mathematical concepts embedded in the task.

This task offers a good window for a teacher to observe students and make learning creative. The steps we have provided will enable the kid to learn the numbers easy.

Anytime you can use counting words and numbers with your child you will reinforce the idea that numbers symbolize a set amount of something and teach toddlers that counting and identifying big and small numbers means an increase in thinking and analytical power.  These basic principles lay the foundation for all other math concepts.

Following is one more  screen shots of the Presentation to understand big and small numbers.

Teach to Identify Small and Big Numbers

Our creative team has made learning about Small and Big Numbers  full of fun and easy to learn.

Have a Great time teaching Small and Big Numbers to Kids at school and home.

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