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You have a presentation to create. It’s important. But, formatting diagrams can take forever and the text on your slides seems to have a mind of its own. Then, there’s the sad fact that everybody’s Microsoft PowerPoint presentation looks the same. In this article you’ll find some very useful Presentation Tips that will help you floor your audience and deliver a great presentation.

8 Presentation Tips to Blow Away your Audience


Presentation Tips

Presentation Tip I: Select or create your own theme.

Themes are the evolution of design templates in presentation, but they’re also much more than that. The themes features was introduced in Microsoft Office to help you easily create the right look for your presentations, so select a good theme, colour, presentation template and background color. There are a number of free websites that offer amazing presentation templates totally free of cost.

Here are few Books on Microsoft Power Point which you can click on the image below and buy online at very good spacial price.

Presentation Tip II: Use video and audio to convey your message more effectively.

Dynamic content, such as a brief video that illustrates an important point, is a great way to engage your audience.

Presentation Tip III: Use graphics to Emphasize key points.

A well-chosen chart or diagram can often convey much more to your audience than boring bulleted text. Fortunately, creating charts and graphics has never been easier. I have come across this Site which has excellent Graphics, Icons and templates.

Presentation Tip IV: Use animations and transitions wisely.

Having text and graphics appear on-screen just when you need them can be a nice touch. However, using too much animation can distract from your presentation’s content.

Presentation Tip V: Clearly communicate your information

Unless your audience captures what you are trying to say. The purpose of your presentation would be lost. You might need slides that clearly communicate your most important points? You might be surprised at how little work it takes to go from basic to brilliant. This site has great visual tools to communicate what we are trying to communicate. Also i have listed few good books on communication skills for different set of audiance, which you can buy online by clicking on the link below.

Presentation Tip VI: Start by outlining your Presentation.

Take time to outline your presentation before you begin to create your slides. Doing so can save time and help you give a more clear and effective presentation. Build the introduction slides and objective slides with Power Templates

Presentation Tip VII: Stay in control of your presentations

Use custom color, graphics and quotes to stay in control of the presentation. Custom colors, layouts, and graphics can do a lot for your presentation. But a misaligned flowchart, or a presentation that crashes on your client’s computer, isn’t likely to make the impression you want.

Presentation Tip VIII: Remain focused

Remain focused and ensure you cover and communicate the objectives set in initial slides. Few people in the audience can ask unwanted question to distract you from delivering your message. Use attractive icons and templates to keep the audience attentive.  Based on my 30 years experience in IT Industry, i have listed few excellent books on Presentation. which you can buy online buy licking on the link below

 Enjoy your Presentation. Also click here to visit our other blogs on Presentation.

Hope above 8 simple Presentation Tips were useful.

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