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Top 10 Business PowerPoint Template Sites

Posted by Chris On September 26, 2012 2 COMMENTS

In this blog we will cover Top 10 Business PowerPoint Template sites.  Click here to Download Top 10 Business PowerPoint Template Sites document.

A business (also known as enterprise or firm) is an organization engaged in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, where most of them are privately owned and administered to earn profit to increase the wealth of their owners. Businesses may also be not-for-profit or state-owned. A business owned by multiple individuals may be referred to as a company, although that term also has a more precise meaning.

Most of the business challenges are discussed in a conference room thru a business presentation. Most of the business presentations (either solve a challenge or forecast a business plan ) are done using Microsoft PowerPoint. In order to make your business Presentation easy and effective we have identified 10 amazing websites which provides Business Presentation Templates. These sites either sell or provide free download of Business Presentation templates. Following are the  Top 10 Web sites which have excellent collection of business PowerPoint Templates.


Click here to go to CrystalGraphics site, and use the menu to navigate to PowerPoint template and then to Business Templates.

CrystalGraphics Business PowerPoint TemplateCrystalGraphics Business PowerPoint Template

Even though this site has a huge collection of PowerPoint Templates, the site has excellent PowerPoint related Products which are called PowerPlugs. These power Plugs are basically PowerPoint Enhancing software and available for 3D Transition, 3D Diagrams, 3D Charts, Video Background, Quiz creation, Flash creation Tools, and for other special effects.

Business PowerPoint templates are available under category of Leadership, Oppertunity, WorkPlace, Job, Boardroom,  Conference table, Puzzle Pieces, Money, Success, Finance, Globe, Ideas, Technology, Future, business achievements and so on.


Click here to visit the site, in the search window key in “Business” and click on search button.

Business PowerPoint Template - PowerPoint Template -

This is a Microsoft official site which has many great collection of Business PowerPoint Templates and related graphics.  The major classification of templates are available under Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher.

This site also sells Microsoft Office Products.

This site has more than 400 PowerPoint Templates available for free download. The Business PowerPoint templates are available under the category of Business Women, Business design, Business Strategy, Business Plan, Business pie Chart, Business decision, Business cards, Skyscraper Business, Worldwide Business, Business presentation, Small business, Software business, teamwork and so on.


Click here to Visit the site and in the search window and key in “Business” and click on the search button.

Business PowerPoint Template -PresentationPro.comBusiness PowerPoint Template

PresentationPro site has a huge collection of different categories of templates. The core business of this site is selling PowerPoint templates. The site also has good collection of free templates.  PresentationPro currently has verities of standard business templates.The site also has rare collection of templates, tools and products for Mac machines. The products and tools include Powerdesigns package for Mac, Keynote  templates and Graphics for Mac, PowerTemplates for Mac,  Animated Templates for Mac, PowerGraphics for Mac, PowerIcons for Mac. PowerSlides for Mac, PDF to PowerPoint for mac and so on.

The PresentationPro site has a collection of more than 5000 Business Presentation templates. The Business presentation templates are available under categories of  Innovation, Business Screen, Business network, Leader, Skyprofit,  Business Women, Teamwork, Success, General Session, and so on.


Click here to visit the site and use string “business” in search window.

Business PowerPoint Template from dvd-ppt-slideshowBusiness PowerPoint Template from dvd-ppt-slideshow BS

This site was established in 2006.. It has grown into one of the world’s most robust providers of multimedia conversion software, Internet-based downloaders and web players for business, education and entertainment.

Dvd-ppt-slideshow has an excellent collection of Business  PowerPoint templates.They also provide other products like ppt to dvd burner, ppt to video converter, dvd slideshow burner… etc.


Click here to go to the then use the search window with string ”Business”, which will fetch you to all the Business templates.

Business PowerPoint Template -PoweredTemplateBusiness PowerPoint Template -PoweredTemplate

The Site has excellent collection of many different templates like PowerPoint templates, Brochure Templates, MS Word templates, Website templates, cliparts. The site also has a very good collection of free templates.

In addition to excellent collection of Business PowerPoint templates, the site also has PowerPoint templates in categories like Financial, Legal, Technology, Consulting, Global, Religious, Flags, Environment and so on.

The site has collection of templates and does not have any related tools.


Click here to visit site.  PresentationLoad site has excellent high quality templates and contains templates relevant to the subjects.

TemplateWise  Business PowerPoint TemplatePresentationLoad  Business PowerPoint Template01

The team at PresentationLoad site creates and sells PowerPoint templates related to business Applications, Digital Signage, Maps, Background. The site also gives you a collection of free slide PowerPoint Slides.

Under major category, the site has Premium templates, Business concepts, Medicine, Pharmacy, Tourism, Transportation, Industry and So on.

Under Business PowerPoint templates, the site has World Map Cloud, WorldGlobal, Global Solution, Women’s World, Landscape,  and many more.

Even though the collection is of very high quality, the pricing is fairly on the higher side.


Click here  to go to SmileTemplates site and then use the left hand side menu to go to Business PowerPoint templates.  PowerPoint template collection.

Business PowerPoint Template -SmileTemplateBusiness PowerPoint Template -SmileTemplate has many good collections of Business PowerPoint Templates.

Smile Templates high-quality PowerPoint templates makes it easy for you to create amazing business presentations. SmileTemplates are produced to industry standard sizes suitable for printing on a commercial press or colour printer.

The SmileTemplates are available as Creative Brochure Templates, diagrams & Clipart files, Quick and easy Flyer templates, Greeting card templates and other greeting Post Card templates.


Click here to go to the desired page for Education PowerPoint template on

Business PowerPoint template Slideworld01Business PowerPoint template Slideworld

SlideWorld has an excellent collection of Business PowerPoint templates which you can buy at a minimum cost. SlideWorld is a powerful resource centre for PowerPoint Slide Presentation. SlideWorld has a very large collection of templates for slide presentations, which has become one of the key ways of communicating during a Business Presentation

The Business PowerPoint templates are available under categories of B2B Marketing , Business Ethics, Project management, Stress management, Human Resource management, Company Profile, Corporate Leadership, Value Chain, Accidents in Industry, Ladder of Sucess, Fresh Ideas, and many more.

The pricing is reasonable and the verity of collection is excellent.


Free4powerpoint has Hundreds of High quality Free PowerPoint Templates for different Categories which includes General, Business, Art, Love, Abstract, Music, Celebration, Nature, Halloween, Medical, Nature, School and Christmas. It has an excellent collection of Power Point Templates.

Free4PowerPoint  Business PowerPoint Template01Free4PowerPoint  Business PowerPoint Template01

Under Business PowerPoint template the collection is unique. Some of the collections are Approved Proposal Template, Announcement Template, Forex Market, Network Marketing Template, Security Template and so on.

This site has only free collection of PowerPoint Templates.


TemplateWise  Business PowerPoint TemplateTemplateWise Business PowerPoint Template has very good collection of PowerPoint templates. The Business PowerPoint template collection is available under classification of  Business Professional Network, Business People, Business Partner, Worldwide Business, Businessman, Public Speaking Business Icons, Corporate Presentation.

Hope you enjoyed the collection of Web sites on Business PowerPoint templates.

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