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Top 10 Earth Day PowerPoint Template Sites

Posted by Nitin On June 23, 2012 1 COMMENT

Using Earth Day PowerPoint template to create awareness among people can be done in very easy way. Earth day is celebrated each year on April 22. It is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated among 175 countries. Earth day is a festival celebrated by many people around the globe. Many People plant trees or switch of their lights to reduce the power consumption on the particular day. Earth day is celebrated to create awareness related to the current problem that our Globe is facing.

Nowadays, in the conditions of the changing climate, the ecological issues are among the most crucial problems of the humanity. PowerPoint presentations concerning ecology should be very stunning to make your report more persuasive. With the evolution of technology you can use Earth day Presentations to create awareness among the people.  Here is collection of Top 10 Earth day PowerPoint Template Site.

The Green Recycling PowerPoint template is devoted to this way of preserving ecological balance. This template depicts empty refuse bins with a globe covered with green forests all over as a background. This image is very laconic and strong, it reflects the idea that recycling is necessary to preserve the Earth’s flora and fauna. The color prevailing on this picture is green – the traditional color of nature, ecology and health.


PowerPoint is a versatile medium used all over the world in boardrooms, classrooms, community centres, and even homes to communicate your thought process effectively. has many categories of PowerPoint templates.  This Site has Categories Environmental, Animal and Wildlife and agriculture PowerPoint templates under nature.

The Slide deck available for Earth day are

Green Recycling PowerPoint Template, Mother Earth PowerPoint Template, Globe in Glass PowerPoint Template, Green Earth Concept PowerPoint Template, Global Catastrophe PowerPoint Template, Global Crisis PowerPoint Template, Green Globe PowerPoint Template and many more.

Earth Day Templates    Go Green Templates


Click here to go to the then use the search window with string ”Earth Day”, which will fetch you all the Earth day PowerPoint Templates.

PoweredTemplates has created these templates with professionals in mind Our awesome easy-to-use Professional PowerPoint design templates meet quality code and perfect images to give you the best and brightest start to your next web, business, educational, or presentation projects.

This site has many Slide deck collection on Earth Day. To name a few

Earth Egg PowerPoint Template, Save Earth PowerPoint Template, Earth Core PowerPoint Template, Planet Earth PowerPoint Template, Green Earth PowerPoint Template, Green Habitat PowerPoint Template


Click here to go to and purchase your selected earth day PowerPoint presentation template. is a powerful resource for searching PowerPoint slides to include in your Presentation. Collection has more than 5 million PowerPoint presentation slides. Slide presentations have become one of the important ways of communicating new scientific and technology developments.

The Earth Day PowerPoint Template Collection includes

Earth Care, Earth Bomb, Earth hand, Green Earth, Save Earth, Beauty of the Earth, Desert Vegetation, Green Earth Design, Global Worming Alarm and many more.


Click here to visit the site and use string “earth” in search window.

PresentationPro site has a huge collection of different categories of templates. PresentationPro currently has reasonable set of New Year PowerPoint icons and PowerPoint Templates.

The site collection on earth Day are Global Travel, Global recycle, Earth Day, Earth Peace, Beatiful blue sky, World clock, Global Wire, Digital Globe
The site also has tools and templates for MAC machines also.

Use discount Code: jazz97338 for additional 5% discount.


Click here to go to GraphicRiver page. In the search window use Earth day and then again in the next search window use “Earth Day”

Earth Day related templates background; PowerPoint Templates are available under categories Graphics, Textures, Web Elements, Icons, Isolated Objects, Vectors, and Print Templates. GraphicRiver has an Earth Day collection of 20000+ templates/Files.  GraphicRiver is part of envato marketplace.


Click here to go to CrystalGraphics page and then select PowerPoint Template on the left hand side menu. In the search window key in “Earth Day” and click on Find Button.

CrystalGraphics has a good collection for earth Day Templates  The slide deck collection are under

Forest Stream, Nature Painting, Earth Collection, Hurricane, Earth and Sun, Global Worming, Green Meadow, Environment, Protect Environment, Recycle,Climate change, World Travel, Green Laeves and many more PowerPoint Templates.


Click here to go to PowerPointfan page which contains Earth Day templates.

This site has good collection of free templates focused on Earth Day, Save earth, Green earth and many more.  and then it will show all Earth day PowerPoint templates and select the PowerPoint and click download.


Click here to visit the site and select PowerPoint template and click download.

This Site offer a free collection of PowerPoint design templates and PowerPoint pictures ready to use. The PowerPoint template collection includes more than one thousand ppt templates, themes, PowerPoint backgrounds, 3D PowerPoint templates, animations for PowerPoint and PPT PowerPoint


Click here to go to and click download for your selected PowerPoint presentation template. officially launched in 2009.They are completely supported through the subscription fees paid by our subscribers. They produce hundreds of new Images every month.


Click here to visit the site. In the search window key in 2012 and click on the search Button to get a set of Earth Day PowerPoint Template objects.

Along with other collection of PowerPoint templates, slidegeek also a collection of Earth Day PowerPoint Template graphics.

Hope you enjoyed the list on Earth Day PowerPoint Template Collection.

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